Digital synthesis ICs offer reduction in power and size

Analog Devices has introduced a new series of digital synthesis ICs which it claims offers 30% lower power consumption and a 60% reduction in footprint than competing devices.

The AD9838 DDS and AD9837 DDS ICs are optimised to work over the extended temperature range of 40 to 125ºC and according to ADI, consume as little as 11mW when operating from clock rates up to 16MHz. They are designed for use in industrial and communications applications, including sensory excitation, impedance spectroscopy and battery enabled diagnostic and communication equipment. As well as an on-chip, 10bit, low power DAC, the new products offer 28bit fine tuning granularity and high SFDR performance to enable them to more quickly and accurately generate a stable signal in the band of interest. ADI says the AD9838 DDS and AD9837 DDS ICs settle in nanoseconds, with granularity below 100MHz.