DesignSpark Pmod adapter for the Raspberry Pi

A DesignSpark Peripheral Module (Pmod) adapter has been launched by RS Components which is said to enable rapid prototyping on the Raspberry Pi platform – without the need for soldering.

RS says this has broken new ground, as it is the first DesignSpark-branded product released in conjunction with one of its suppliers.

The board is apparently supported by some examples of Python software code, which have been developed specifically around analogue Pmod functions to help the Raspberry Pi user community develop real-world instrumentation, monitoring and control applications.

The adapter should be usable with a selection of Raspberry Pi models including the Model A+, Model B+, Pi 2 B, Pi 3 B, and the Zero and Zero W versions, and enable users to interface with a range of Digilent Pmods.

Specifications of the adapter should include:

  • 40-pin Raspberry Pi GPIO (General-Purpose Input/Output) header, with 26 3.3V-compatible GPIOs
  • Support for SPI, I2C and UART connections
  • A 16mA current limit for all PMOD GPIOs
  • A 5V barrel jack for external power