DC/DC step down regulator

Micrel has introduced a high performance 600mA DC/DC step down regulator, the MIC2808. The device is intended for powering a power amplifier (PA) in mobile devices and comes with dual low noise low dropout regulators for rf chipset support.

"Today's mobile devices continue to demand long battery life and small size," noted Andy Khayat, business unit director of Micrel's portable product group. "The MIC2808 gives rf system designers a tiny power supply with maximum PA efficiency regardless of user distance to the nearest cellular base station." The MIC2808 has a 600mA, 2MHz constant frequency pulse width modulated (PWM) DC/DC regulator with DAC voltage control and 1A bypass mosfet. According to Micrel, the regulator will work in a 100% duty cycle mode to provide maximum power and efficiency. It offers dual low noise low dropout regulators which are optimized for high PSRR capability and fast turn-on times. The MIC2808 has thermal shutdown and current limit protection, is available in a 16pin 2x 2.5mm MLF, and offers a junction operating range from -40 to 125°C.