Cypress adds wafer sales to F-RAM and nvSRAM portfolio

Cypress Semiconductor has added wafer products to its industry-leading nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM) portfolio. Cypress’s NVRAM portfolio, which includes Ferroelectric-RAM (F-RAM) and nonvolatile static RAM (nvSRAM) devices, is claimed to offer reliable protection of critical data during a power failure. Many mission-critical applications that require the benefits of F-RAM and nvSRAM also require bare die for small or unique packaging options.

Cypress F-RAM is said to be the most energy-efficient NVRAM technology in the industry with virtually unlimited 100trillion write cycle endurance. The ferroelectric material in F-RAM memory cells is resistant to data corruption caused by radiation or magnetic field exposure, providing soft error rate immunity for medical, aerospace and defence applications. Cypress nvSRAM is also claimed to be the fastest NVRAM technology in the industry, with access times as low as 20ns. It provides nonvolatile data retention without the need for additional batteries and also provides unlimited endurance.