A complete wireless battery free sensing solution kit has been launched by ON Semiconductor. On Semi says the device allows its smart passive sensors (SPS) to be rapidly integrated into IoT applications.

The SPSDEVK1 kit is plug and play ready for users to measure, aggregate and analyse the data for various IoT applications.

Gary Straker, vice president of the protection and signal division at ON Semi, said: “This comprehensive turnkey solution removes the need to source IoT solutions from multiple vendors and saves both time and money due to the ability to rapidly configure and modify multi-sensor IoT applications."

The kit includes a UHF SPS reader hub (SPSDEVR1-8), eight UHF antennas (SPS1DEVA1-W), 50 temperature sensors (SPS1T001PCB), a 12 V DC power supply, and an Ethernet cable. Also included is ON Semi’s TagReader software, an application specifically developed for reading SPS that enables the full functionality of the tags, giving a comprehensive system solution.

SPS wireless and battery-free sensors enable the monitoring of various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, moisture or proximity at the network edge where running wires or replacing batteries may be impractical. When interrogated by an RF reader), the SPS 'harvests' energy from the measuring signal and then delivers the reading from the sensor.

Straker continued: “Our innovative SPS sensors allow reading over greater distances than is possible with NFC and do not require a battery – a limitation of Bluetooth-based technologies. With the SPSDEVK1, both experienced and inexperienced designers can rapidly configure and deploy advanced energy-harvesting sensing solutions at the network edge.”

The TagReader software automatically detects the type of tag that is connected and reads sensor data graphically over time. A Graphical User Interface allows all system parameters related to the measurement process to be configured and re-configured as needed.