CleO touch-enabled HVGA display shield takes workload off Arduino units

FTDI Chip has announced an Indiegogo campaign to promote its latest Arduino-related product, CleO. CleO is an intelligent, simple to program TFT display board through which engineers can develop human machine interfaces regardless of their experience level. Using Arduino as a foundation, this hardware is able to leverage FTDI Chip’s bridging and display technology for improved performance and greater functionality.

The first member of the CleO family to be introduced has a HVGA 320 x 480 pixel, 3.5” format TFT display with a resistive touchscreen. An FTDI Chip FT810 embedded video engine second generation graphic controller is responsible for the HMI operation, while the company’s 310DMIPs FT903 microcontroller undertakes additional processing tasks. An 8MByte eFlash memory is incorporated for embedded data storage purposes, with a Micro-SD card socket that is said to allow external storage up to 32MByte.

Connectivity options include an Arduino UNO SPI interface, a camera interface, FT903 IO expansion and USB DFU port for firmware updates. The PWM audio output and built-in speaker amplifier facilitate incorporation of sound into the HMI implementation.

CleO is claimed to enable animation of graphical content at rates of up to 60fps. Direct file transfers between the CleO graphics subsystem and the micro-SD/eFlash memories is said to be completed without needing to use the Arduino’s resources. Accessories for CleO include cameras, speakers and power adaptors.