‘BLOB’ – Ground Breaking Plastic Enclosures from OKW

Sponsored by OKW: Over the last 20 years OKW has developed a whole series of ground breaking plastic enclosures for the electronics industry. Many of these have received international awards for their industrial design.

For 2012 OKW has launched its latest innovation in plastic enclosures – the 'BLOB' series. In developing these new enclosures, OKW set out to create a completely different style of housing that would employ touch and feel to impart the functionality of the electronics. The forms employed had to be suitable for a wide range of users with different hand sizes and grasping volumes. After three years development OKW has created the unique 'BLOB' series of contoured enclosures. When grasped, the user's fingers naturally rest in the control area on these enclosures. As a result, users naturally understand how to use the electronics without instructions. Keypads and controls can be easily located in these control areas. 'BLOB' enclosures have a two-part design consisting of a top and bottom moulding made of high quality ABS (UL 94 HB). The enclosures are available in two standard colours off-white (RAL 9002) or lava grey (NCS S 5702-B). The range consists of three different types: the handheld 'UNIT' version has external dimensions of 130 x 60 x 30 mm. This has a lower grasp area and a recessed keypad/control section, and is suitable for left or right handed operation. The 'CONTROL' version has external dimensions of 114 x 76 x 31 mm, and can be held with one hand and operated with the other. Depending on the position and definition of the display and operating area, different sensory gripping options are available. The 'PANEL' model is designed for handheld or desktop operation and has external dimensions of 200 x 165 x 36 mm. This model can be held and operated with both hands or operated on a tabletop. The two symmetrically positioned gripping areas clearly demonstrate the orientation of the product. 'CONTROL' and 'PANEL' versions have a separate recess where special functions can be highlighted. All models can be battery operated with round (1.5V AAA or AA), or button cells. Special cable glands, which can be positioned at any point on the split line, and can be used for cable connection for power and data transfer. 'BLOB' enclosures can also be sealed to IP 54 using the accessory sealing gasket kits available as accessories. Prices start at £10. OKW can supply the 'BLOB' enclosures with additional holes for keypads, connectors, controls and displays. It can also silk-screen print legends and logos and provide EMC shielding on the internal surfaces. More information on these enclosures can be found on OKW's website.