Avalanche board featuring Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGAs

Microsemi and Future Electronics have announced the Avalanche board, featuring a PolarFire FPGA. The board includes a RISC-V-based soft central processing unit pre-programmed to the kit.

The Avalanche development board also features serial flash memory, double data rate type three DRAM and a Microsemi VSC8531 triple speed PHY powered by Microsemi's LX7167 2.4A hysteretic step-down regulator.

It also offers industry-standard connectors Arduino Shield, mikroBUS and a Peripheral Module (Pmod) interface. These three expansion headers should allow for the use of additional boards to implement an expanded set of applications.

Microsemi's PolarFire FPGA devices include hardened PCIe controller cores with both endpoints and root port modes available, as well as low power transceivers.