Automotive grade power management ics from On Semi

ON Semiconductor has introduced two new AEC qualified ics for automotive powertrain and in-cabin deployment.

Running off a 2 to 44V input voltage, the NCV8876 non-synchronous boost controller with automatic wake up and shutdown functions is designed to supply a minimum output voltage during start-stop conditions in order to counteract any sag in the vehicle's battery voltage. The NCV8876 is enabled when the supply voltage drops below 7.2V. Boost operation is then initiated once this voltage goes under 6.8 V, with the ic driving an external N channel mosfet. A quiescent current of just 11µA is drawn when the device is in sleep mode so that power consumption is minimised. Among its array of protection features are cycle by cycle current limiting, thermal shutdown (with a 170°C threshold) and hiccup mode over current protection. Its peak current mode control with internal slope compensation ensures device stability over the entire voltage range. This also ensures that it is protected during a current fault condition by turning off the power switch for the remainder of the cycle if the current limit is exceeded.