Antenna technology for improved Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular performance

Antenna has announced high performance antenna technologies and systems suitable for applications including indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, connected home, mobile computing, telematics and IoT applications.

According to the company, the antennas use SuperShape technology to improve gain, efficiency, isolation, and coverage. Independent benchmark tests are said to have shown range and throughput are increased by at least 50% in line of sight and non-line of sight test conditions.

For indoor Wi-Fi applications, optimised dual-band and single band antenna systems are claimed to provide superior radiation characteristics with greater efficiency and gain. Optimised reference designs are available for 802.11ac MIMO or Multi-User MIMO system configurations ranging from 2×2 up to 8×8, delivering Gbit wireless performance.

For outdoor Wi-Fi applications, the SuperShape directional antennas are said to enable compact, high gain, high performance arrays.