Anritsu simplifies verification of fibre in high-bandwidth networks

Anritsu has launched its ACCESS Master MT9085 series of handheld testers that provides accuracy and broad measurement capability during installation and maintenance of fibre optic cable in LTE and 5G backhaul, as well as Metro and Core networks.

The new MT9085 series incorporates an 8-inch color touchscreen for enhanced operation and integrates Anritsu’s Fiber Visualizer as a standard feature to simplify verification and reduce test time.

The built-in touchscreen, rotary knob, and hard keys of the ACCESS Master MT9085 series improve OTDR waveform analysis, says Anritsu.

Field technicians can use the Fiber Visualizer to display fibre events, such as splices, connectors, and splitters, as a schematic map. By eliminating complex operations, such as reading and analysing optical waveforms, Fiber Visualizer allows technicians at any experience level to conduct fibre measurements and pass/fail evaluations. In addition, automatic pass/fail evaluation based on preset threshold values reduces operator evaluation errors.

The new series combines all the functions to install and maintain optical cable in today’s high-bandwidth applications, Anritsu adds. In addition to a full-feature OTDR, the ACCESS Master MT9085 series can conduct optical power loss measurements and fibre far-end detection. The portable field tester is designed with a unique algorithm that detects fibre events with high accuracy in complex passive optical networks (PONs) to reduce on-site workloads. It features real-time waveforms, short dead zone of ≤8 m, high dynamic range of ≥46 dB, and support for both single-mode optical fiber (SMF) and multi-mode optical fiber (MMF) waveforms.