Anritsu has launched a plug-in modular bit error rate (BER) tester for measuring a range of interfaces up to multichannel 64Gbit/s. Called the MP1800A, the device supports BER measurements of Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and Optical Network Unit (ONU) for the latest 100G-EPON standard.

The MP1800A features signal-source multichannel synchronisation and skew adjustment functions, said to be suitable for OLT tests requiring high accuracy timing setting.

In addition, high reproducibility BER measurement can be achieved by output waveforms and high input sensitivity performance. The MX180014A software controls the MP1800A to generate two channel test-signal burst patterns and set skew.

According to the company, OLT evaluation input sensitivity and timing tests are simplified by the GUI for setting test-signal pattern length and timing.