Analogue switches combine low on resistance and low voltage operation

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced three new dual single pole double throw (spft) and dual double pole double (dpdt) throw analogue switches.

The company claims the cmos devices combine low voltage operation and low on resistance. Available in a miniQFN package, they are designed for audio, SIM card and multi purpose signal switching in space constrained portable end products. The DG2735A and DG2725 dual spdt switches are optimised for an operating range of 1.65 to 4.3V. They have a 0.6O maximum on resistance at 2.7V and turn on time of 64ns. Turn off time is rated at 42ns at 2.7V. The DG2735A is designed for audio output switching in receivers and speakers. The DG2725 offers a typical on resistance of 0.7O at 3V, while providing lower parasitic capacitance. The DG2599 has an operation voltage range of between 1.65 and 5V and can be used as a quad spdt or dual dpdt switch. The device comes in a miniQFN16 package and has an on resistance of 2.8O at 3V. Both the DG2725 and DG2599 feature power off protection that guarantees <1µA COM1 and COM2 leakage, when V+ = 0V and VCOM1 or VCOM2 = 4.3V. The devices feature the company's sub micron cmos technology and have a latch up protection greater than 300mA. They are designed to conduct signals within power rails equally well in both directions when on, and block signals up to the power supply level when off.