Ampleon launch ISM signal generator IC for RF energy applications

A small signal generator, designed to provide a programmable frequency synthesiser that is able to generate a signal in the 433, 915 and 2,400 MHz ISM bands has been announced by Ampleon.

The BLP25RFE001 is designed for RF energy applications such as industrial heating, defrosting and/or cooking and plasma lighting and described by Ampelon as an ‘all-in-one solution’ for RF signal generation operating from a single 3.3 VDC supply.

The IC is assembled in a miniature HVQFN28 and occupies little PCB space. The device delivers an output power up to 24dBm from the on-chip medium power amplifier and is software controllable across a SPI bus. A low power amplifier provides a separate output up to 7dBm.

The BLP25RF001 incorporates a 360-degree phase shifter that can be programmed in steps of 1.4-degree increments. While daisy chaining of the device allows coherent excitation of multiple RF amplifier chains at different phases.

The signal generation also features a 20dB gain control, an integrated RF switch for PWM control, and a readable temperature sensor that measures the junction temperature of the die.