AEL crystal oscillators approved for use with Infineon RKE chipsets

AEL Crystals has announced that its devices have been approved for use with a range of remote keyless entry (RKE) chipsets from Infineon.

The AEL Crystals devices recommended for use with Infineon RKE chipsets include 15 transmitter and 15 receiver crystal oscillators covering the 315, 434.2, 868, 868.4 and 915MHz frequency bands, together with five variants for transceivers covering the 315, 434.15, 868.3 and 915MHz frequency bands. These devices are said to offer an adjustment tolerance of +/-10ppm and a frequency stability of +/-20ppm across the temperature range -40 to 85°C. Ageing effects are between 10 and 15ppm over a ten year span. A variety of key fob designs are possible based on Infineon's SmartLEWIS mcu family, which combines the transmitter and the microcontroller on a single chip.