Zuken launches internet connected PCB design platform

1 min read

Zuken has launched eCADSTAR, a new internet connected PCB design platform that is said to bring the power of modern EDA software and the flexibility of the internet to the electronics design market.

Combining Zuken’s 2D/3D electronic design technology with inbuilt internet capabilities and predictive tool tips and prompts, eCADSTAR “provides a borderless electronic design environment that connects engineering with comprehensive online services that streamline global design review and manufacturing processes”, according to the company.

With inbuilt web access, eCADSTAR’s Web Portal provides access to in house and 3rd party services, helping users through the entire design process. For example, eCADSTAR users can search online component vendor libraries, request quotes and purchase components from manufacturers and distributors directly from within the design tool.

Online collaboration capabilities also support collaboration with design, simulation and manufacturing experts that include; Allied Electronic & Automation, Arrow, Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, PCB Libraries, RS, SamacSys and Ultra Librarian.

With internet connectivity, eCADSTAR connects the user to their team as well as to new internet resources and services, creating an “extended virtual team”. With a native 3D design environment, MCAD and ECAD engineers can work seamlessly throughout the design process. eCADSTAR also allows engineers to work in parallel on their own section of a board or functional circuit elements, reducing design time.

The design platform includes a range of automated and assistive features to help designers achieve design goals. Commands can be transmitted both by means of finger gestures as well as using a mouse.

In keeping with eCADSTAR’s internet connected design philosophy, users also have access to a library of free online training and help resources that can be displayed directly in the eCADSTAR environment. With a centralised knowledge base and support system, local partners and internet connected resources are always on-hand to help when needed. Help topics are delivered live, ensuring the material is up to date.