World's most accurate handheld vector network analyser claims Agilent

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Agilent Technologies has announced what it claims to be the world's most accurate handheld vector network analyser (vna).

The N9923A FieldFox rf vna has been designed to provide high measurement stability - 0.01dB/°C, and, according to Agilent, offers the world's first integrated QuickCal calibration capability available in a handheld vna. QuickCal, enables consistent measurement results while eliminating the need to carry a calibration kit into the field. The device is designed for field engineers working in aerospace, defence and network equipment manufacturing, who characterise or troubleshoot rf components for mission critical communication systems. Agilent says as a two port network analyser, the FieldFox rf vna allows operators to simultaneously measure and display all four S-parameters and is for engineers requiring high levels of network analysis functionality. Gregg Peters, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Component Test Division, said: "With its QuickCal, exceptional stability, intuitive usability, and all in one rugged handheld form factor, the FieldFox rf vna offers the industry's most reliable and easy to use solution for network analyser measurements in the field." The device incorporates a dynamic range of 100dB; single connection measurement of all four S-parameters in multiple formats including Smith chart, polar and group delay; cable and antenna test; vector voltmeter (1- and 2-channel); and power meter measurements up to 24GHz with a USB power sensor.