World's first single chip wireless power transmitter reduces footprint by 80%

2 mins read

Integrated Device Technology has unveiled what it claims to be the world's first true single chip wireless power transmitter, accompanied by the industry's highest power single chip receiver solution.

According to the mixed signal semiconductor specialist, its multimode transmitter reduces board footprint by 80% and halves BOMs compared to existing solutions. IDT adds that the complementary multimode receiver outputs twice the power of commonly used solutions, cutting charging time in half. The IDTP9030 and IDTP9020 comprise a wireless power transmitter and receiver solution designed to meet the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard, which ensures interoperability with any other device meeting the WPC Qi standard. Both transmitter and receiver are capable of multimode operation, supporting both the Qi standard as well as proprietary formats for added features, improved safety, and increased power output capability. Built in protocol detection is designed to enable dynamic switching between Qi and proprietary modes and the devices can be used in a range of mobile applications for battery charging. "IDT is the first to offer a true single chip wireless power transmitter IC solution to address a projected $3.3billion wireless power market," said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the Analog and Power Division at IDT. "IDT's new transmitter reduces application footprint from 1800 mm2 to 360 mm2 and consolidates the function of nine ICs into one, enabling our customers to develop more compact and cost effective products. In addition, our proprietary multimode capability offers benefits beyond the limits of the Qi standard by enhancing foreign object detection for improved safety and increasing output power for faster charging time." According to IDT, the IDTP9030 is the most highly integrated wireless power transmitter available today. It integrates the features and functionality of dozens of discrete components in a bid to minimise the application footprint and component count. The charging stations are designed to be deployed virtually anywhere, including homes, offices, libraries, stores, public waiting areas, automobiles, airports, and airplane seats. The IDTP9020 is a single chip wireless power receiver and, in Qi mode, the device delivers up to 5W to the system. When used with the IDTP9030 transmitter in a proprietary configuration, it can deliver up to 7.5W, making it suitable for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and digitals cameras. IDT claims that when used in tandem, the IDTP9030 and IDTP9020 become the industry's most efficient end to end wireless power solution, resulting in reduced energy costs and faster charging time. Both devices feature proprietary multilayered foreign object detection (FOD), utilising multiparameter algorithms designed to assure a high level of safety while avoiding FOD false alarms. Additional features include over temperature, over voltage, and over current protection and the receiver provides support for charging the battery via USB cable when a wireless charging station is not available, eliminating the need for external USB adaptor switches in mobile devices.