World’s first 34GS/s AWG unveiled

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Southern Photonics, in collaboration with Micram, has announced the launch of a new 34GS/s arbitrary waveform generator designed to enable users to generate high order complex modulation formats, such as 16QAM, at speeds of up to 136Gb/s.

According to Southern Photonics, the AWG-34G incorporates an intuitive graphical user interface that brings a 'new level of programming ease and flexibility' to academic and industrial research labs. "Currently available bench top AWGs simply do not have the bandwidth necessary to meet the needs of future communications systems development," said Dr John Harvey, CEO of Southern Photonics. "We are committed to providing communication system developers with a full suite of state of art tools. By leveraging Micram's unique ultrafast VEGA signal converter technology, we are enabling researchers to generate any high speed multilevel electronic signal they require, then convert them into complex modulated optical signals using our IQ Transmitter. We can then fully characterise the optical performance with the IQScope, our new complex modulation analysis tool. By offering this complete suite of tools, we enable our customers and partners to focus their efforts on their R&D priorities, instead of being distracted by the need to build their own signal generators, sources, or characterisation tools, activities that are entirely peripheral to their core research." According to Southern Photonics, the AWG-34G leverages the power of Micram's world record setting VEGA DACII ultrafast signal converter to deliver the world's fastest AWG performance of up to 34GS/s. The AWG-34G generates simple arbitrary waveforms, which can then be modified via its integrated 'Making Waves' GUI to achieve complex operations such as precompensation for channel dispersion. A built in library of PRBS patterns enables engineers to rapidly generate waveforms for system and device evaluation and optimisation. "Micram has successfully placed VEGA technology in research labs worldwide, but an increasing number of our customers want a complete turnkey solution for waveform generation," said Dr Matthias Tom Frei, CEO of Micram. "Our focus is to continue to develop and manufacture the fastest devices on the market. By partnering with Southern Photonics' expert software and system design teams, we can now deliver a complete AWG system that fully utilises the ultrafast speed of our devices in a simple, easy to use package. The co-development of the AWG-34G with Southern Photonics has created a powerful collaborative team and we now expect to continue our work together, producing an ongoing stream of world class test and measurement products in the future."