Agilent fills hole in portfolio with high resolution AWG

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Agilent has launched the 81180A arbitary waveform generator, described as a new class of instrument that bridges the trade off between bandwidth and bits.

According to the company, engineers have previously had to decide between optimal bandwidth or optimal signal quality. But it adds that high performance and a good dynamic range are becoming important in a number of industries. Peter Kasenbacher, oscilloscope product line manager for Agilent EMEA, said: "Agilent hasn't been in this area of the market before and had a hole in its portfolio. But we are committed to grow this area relatively quickly." Providing a bandwidth of up to 1.5GHz and 12bit vertical resolution, the 81180A supports complex arbitary waveforms. Three levels of sequencing are available which, along with a 64Mpt memory, allows the user to set up complex real world signals. Meanwhile, a dynamic control connector enables real time applications to control the waveform and supports external select sequences. The device can: work in conjunction with a vector performance signal generator for I/Q applications; provide maximum bandwidth and flatness for direct rf applications; and support applications in the time domain, with low overshoot and jitter.