Verification software provides real time look into Tabula’s chips

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Tabula has launched DesignInsight, said by the company to be a revolutionary solution for the design verification and debug of high performance systems.

The result of a multiyear R&D project, DesignInsight is available as part of version 3.0 of Tabula's Stylus software, which supports its ABAX2 P-Series of 3D programmable logic devices. This breakthrough technology delivers unprecedented levels of device observability and will have a profound effect on the economics and time to market of next generation communications systems. Tabula delivers the DesignInsight compiler bundled with precompiled views as part of their 100G solutions for high-performance packet processing applications. DesignInsight provides users of ABAX2 devices with the ability to 'see' inside the parts in real time. It also offers seamless verification, spanning from RTL simulation to systems deployed in the field. ABAX2 users can observe signals in a production design operating at up to 2 GHz without the need for recompilation or predeclaration of target signals. This is said to reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, increase system uptime/reliability, lower maintenance costs and allows for in-depth diagnostics. "Being able to unobtrusively observe a design in the field as if it were running in the lab is a gamechanger for our customers," claimed Alain Bismuth, chief marketing officer. "This capability is unprecedented and creates exciting business opportunities for our customers, especially as it relates to increased system uptime/reliability, lower maintenance costs, and the provision of in-depth diagnostics for their end customers".