Two vehicle chamber allows ‘low cost EMC testing’

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A testing chamber has been introduced for vehicle and component manufacturers looking to undertake EMC testing at low cost.

According to Alpine, its 9 x 6 x 6m static vehicle and component bench testing chamber can offer facilities at a low cost. The facility offers a range of emissions, immunity and electro static discharge testing is located at the company's evaluation centre in Coventry. This includes radiated emissions from 30 to 7GHz and conducted from 100kHz to 108 MHz. Conducted emissions stretch from 1 to 400MHz and radiated immunity from 400MHz to 1GHz. ESD testing is available to the industry ISO10605 standard. Alpine's OEM business manager, Keith Price said: "Now customers can test components in the vehicle or in two vehicles at very low cost. Our prices are 75% lower than similar, recognised facilities, a compelling cost saving for product development." Price explained that full exhaust extraction allows customers to test with an engine running. The capability to have two vehicles side by side permits customers to check for radio emissions from one vehicle affecting another, a test that Price said usually requires a larger and more expensive chamber. He added: "Our engineers have a deep understanding of the main international and customer test standards. From our own product development and testing, we can offer solutions and ideas to customers on how to meet the standards. Our chamber can be used to identify issues with EVs such as spikes generated by high switching currents. EV specialists are just starting to realise the importance of this field which Alpine is able to assist with."