Fabrinet, the Thailand based provider of electronic manufacturing services, has acquired Exception Global CEM Solutions in a $13.5million cash deal.

Exception EMS, founded in 2005, provides contract electronics manufacturing services to companies in the industrial, energy, aerospace and defence sectors, with approximately 80% of its revenue coming from European customers.

“Fabrinet has enjoyed exceptional growth over the past several years, primarily with customers in the US and Japan, and there are tremendous opportunities for growing our business in Europe,” noted Tom Mitchell, chairman and CEO of Fabrinet. “With this acquisition, we are establishing a strong foothold in Europe, which will allow us to grow our business with European customers and give them access to our advanced low-cost manufacturing services in Thailand.”

In February 2015, Fabrinet set up a new product introduction centre in California to serve US customers, including those in Silicon Valley. The acquisition of Exception is intended to offer similar facilities to European companies, as well as low volume manufacturing.