Tektronix has ‘comprehensive’ PCI Express 3.0 test suite

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Tektronix has announced what it claims is the industry's most flexible and complete automated transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) compliance and debug testing solution for the PCI Express 3.0 standard.

With new product enhancements to the BERTScope bit error rate tester series, and PCI Express test software, Tektronix says it now offers silicon, hosts and card designers a single destination for PCI Express 3.0 testing. "Many aspects of PCIe3 testing such as link training and Tx equalisation characterisation are very complex or not well understood by the design community," commented Brian Reich, general manager of performance oscilloscopes for Tektronix. "By offering a robust automation package, we are making complex PCIe3 testing easy while ensuring more consistent results. This means that long and complex tests such as stressed eye calibration and transmitter compliance testing don't have to be performed by only senior engineers." For PCIe3 Rx testing, stressed pattern generation as required by PCI-SIG test specifications are automated and now include integrated support for clock multiplication and eye opening tests. Additionally, DUT loopback control is automated, simplifying the testing process and cutting down on time to test results. Meanwhile, for PCIe3 Tx testing, Tektronix has enhanced its solution by incorporating the PCI-SIG's SigTest utility software for compliance testing directly into its TekExpress automation framework on Tektronix DSA70000 Series digital oscilloscopes.