TDK-Lambda reduces size of programmable dc power supplies by 33%

2 mins read

TDK-Lambda has unveiled its Z+ series of programmable dc power supplies, designed to offer high efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

According to TDK-Lambda, the high density 2U format benchtop and rack mounted power supplies meet the demands of a range of ATE and OEM applications such as test & measurement, semiconductor burn in, component test, laser diode, heater supplies, rf amplifiers and electromagnets. The Z+400 provides 400W of output power, with models available with output voltages up to 100Vdc and output current up to 75A. The Z+400 is 33% smaller and 40% lighter than the company's previous generation ZUP range. This translates into a 49% increase in power density – 200, 600 and 800W units in the same size dimensions will be added to the range in 2012. The standard models are 70mm wide, with options for front panel output terminals and a dual unit housing for bench use. The Z+ programmable power supply has front panel controls with individual rotary encoders for output current and voltage, and access to power supply settings such as OVP level, start up modes and remote control and monitoring parameters. Separate 4 digit volt and current displays are provided along with function/status leds, pushbuttons for output preview, output on/off, fine/coarse and other features. The air intake is also on the front panel with the exit at the rear to allow zero stacking. According to TDK-Lambda, the Z+ series offers arbitrary function generation and up to six pre programmed functions can be stored – suitable for automotive or laser simulation tasks. The power supplies are designed to have a fast command processing time, output sequencing and two programmable output pins. All models in the series operate in constant current and constant voltage modes from an 85 to 265Vac input. They feature active power factor correction, variable speed fans and a number of safety features, such as user selectable Safe-Start and Auto-Re-Start. With Safe-Start, the power supply returns to the last used settings after a power interruption, but with the output disabled. With Auto-Re-Start, the supply resumes normal operation without intervention after a power interruption. All Z+400 models incorporate built in USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces. Using the standard serial RS485 interface between units enables daisy chain control of up to 31 power supplies on the same bus. Analogue remote programming and monitoring is user selectable from 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V. Higher power systems can be achieved by connecting up to six identical units in parallel with active current sharing. In advanced parallel configuration, the master unit reports total system output current, which means that up to six units appear as a single power supply. Up to two units may be connected in series to increase the output voltage or to provide a bipolar output.