Synergy platform extended to embrace v8-M architecture

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Renesas, Express Logic and IAR Systems are collaborating to develop the Renesas Synergy IoT platform solution to embrace the ARM v8-M architecture. According to the partners, the solution – said to be a foundation for the next generation Synergy platform – will enable more developers to create secure, connected IoT devices by reducing the design complexity and deploying advanced security technologies.

The approach is being demonstrated at ARM TechCon using a prototype MCU featuring the recently announced ARM Cortex-M23 and the Cortex-M33 cores.

“We’re pleased to preview some of the coming additions to the Synergy Platform with our valued partners Express Logic and IAR Systems,” said Peter Carbone, vice president of Renesas’ Synergy IoT Platform Business Division. “By combining a feature-rich RTOS with powerful embedded development tools and a full hardware and software platform for IoT development with the power and security of ARM’s latest cores, Renesas and its partners continue to address the design challenges facing today’s IoT developers.”

“ThreadX was the first commercial RTOS to support TrustZone for ARMv8-M,” said Bill Lamie, Express Logic’s president. “Today, we are pleased to reveal that this support is now executing on an ARMv8-M MCU prototype from Renesas.”

Stefan Skarin, CEO of IAR Systems, added: “The Synergy Platform and its associated tools running on the TrustZone enabled ARMv8-M architecture … will enable companies worldwide to deliver secured IoT solutions to market faster.”