Standards group established to spur growth of Internet of Things

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Cambridge based standards group, Weightless has formed a new special interest group to push the adoption of its open, royalty free standard for M2M communications.

ARM, Cable & Wireless, CSR and Neul are just some of partners signed up to help establish the new standard for the Internet of Things and encourage its adoption worldwide. Weightless argues that a standard designed specifically for short to mid range machine communications within white space is needed. Weightless technology has been optimised for this specific scenario and is delivered as a royalty free open standard. "The Internet of Things requires new thinking about technology," said Mike Muller, chief technology officer of ARM. "As data levels soar across the world, new ways need to be found to ensure wireless communication can be seamless. "This includes the next wave of connectivity across smart grids, enhanced healthcare, smart cities, asset tracking, sensors and future applications as yet unimagined. With common standards we can all benefit from intelligence embedded and connected everywhere, so the ARM team is excited about the huge potential this standard will unlock." Weightless is now looking to grow its membership base and is urging interested parties to come forward and join the initiative.