ST unveils D-Power website to support advanced power solutions

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STMicroelectronics has launched a web-based ecosystem to help designers build digital-power solutions using STM32 microcontrollers (MCUs).

Digital power supplies are an emerging class of devices that are able to optimise energy efficiency and capture rich data for diagnostics and safety. Digital control will let designers increase power density to realize size and weight savings that are important across a host of end markets, including data centres, 5G infrastructure, smart lighting, and mobile devices.

The STM32 D-Power website consolidates developer resources that include the all-in-one STM32 digital-power Discovery Kits, embedded software components, software tools created by ST Authorized Partner Biricha Digital, and dedicated power-supply boards that demonstrate various designs and power ratings. Documentation, videos, and guides cater to beginners up to expert power-supply designers, and a four-day hands-on workshop created by Biricha shows how to build digital power supplies using STM32 MCUs.

The ecosystem is scaled to support three levels of STM32 microcontrollers that combine the benefits of industry-standard Arm Cortex-M cores with integrated features optimised for digital-power applications.

The entry-level STM32F334, advanced STM32G474, and high-performance STM32H7 series MCUs each contain a flexible high-resolution timer to generate highly accurate pulse-width modulated (PWM) signals for stable control of switched-mode power circuits.

“Our D-Power ecosystem helps designers learn about, design in, and take advantage of digital power to create solutions that are smaller, lighter, cleaner, and smarter,” said Ricardo de Sa Earp, Group Vice President, Microcontroller Division General Manager, STMicroelectronics. “Users ranging from beginners to experienced designers can enhance their expertise and accelerate development of digital-power applications leveraging the high feature integration and efficiencies of the STM32 family.”

Dr Ali Shirsavar, Director of Biricha Digital added, “The embedded software and practical workshops we have developed to support the STM32 D-Power ecosystem deliver high value for designers wherever they are on their digital-power journey. Customers can easily engage with these resources to jump-start their designs and advance their expertise.”