ST unveils 200V Schottky diode for high efficiency power conversion

1 min read

STMicroelectronics has announced a new high voltage Schottky diode, designed to help increase the energy efficiency and ruggedness of equipment such as telecom base stations and welding equipment.

The 200V STPS60SM200C module is optimised for use in high current ac/dc power supplies and delivers nominal dc output voltages in the 30 to 50V range. Its 200V maximum reverse voltage is compatible with known worst case operating conditions and is said to provide the design margins needed to withstand over voltages and remain fully operational down to -40°C. The device integrates two interconnected diodes in a three pin package to provide a more energy efficient alternative to ultra fast diodes. Utilising the company's proprietary process technology, the module can achieve more than 2kV ESD protection, which ST claims is higher than comparable Schottky devices when tested according to IEC 61000-4-2. This, according to the provides increased assurance of survivability against destructive threats such as high-voltage transients, significantly reducing equipment down time as well as minimising repair costs. These savings are particularly important for cellular base stations in remote locations, which are more time consuming and expensive to reach and repair.