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ST launches ultra low-power ARM Cortex-M3 based mcus

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STMicroelectronics has announced sampling of ultra low power ARM Cortex M3 microcontrollers – the industry's first from a top 10 silicon supplier.

According to ST, the STM32L series delivers 'industry leading' energy saving performance due to a dedicated low-leakage 130nm process technology and optimised power-saving architecture that are unique to the company. The new series is part of ST's EnergyLite platform of ultra low-power products. Michel Buffa, general manager of ST's Microcontroller Division, said: "The STM32L series delivers the optimal balance between power consumption and performance of any device from a global semiconductor provider. The STM32L will become the microcontroller of choice for energy-lite applications in markets such as consumer, industrial, medical or metering." The range incorporates a number of features promoting data security and safe system operation, including flexible brown-out reset; onboard Flash with error correction code support; an mpu; and JTAG fuse. These features are suitable for applications that require safe product behaviour and secure code and user-data management. The embedded lcd drivers have been incorporated to enable easier, cheaper and smaller application designs. The STM32L offers 33DMIPS at 32MHz (max) and offers integrated Flash densities from 64Kbyte to 128Kbyte.