ST collaborates with Gaia to advance ‘Clean India’ mission

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STMicroelectronics is working with Gaia Smart Cities Solutions to develop a citizen smart feedback system for the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission.

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, launched the Clean India Mission in October 2014 to encourage cleanliness of streets and infrastructure of India’s cities, towns, and rural areas.

As part of this initiative, ST and Gaia are looking to enable the smart transformation of enterprises and cities through real-time feedback collected at multiple points in the product and service delivery chain.

The initial collaboration between ST and Gaia focuses on collecting feedback from users about the cleanliness of the public utilities offered by the Government. The solution can also be adapted to gather feedback from users at transport hubs, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centres and restaurants, among other locations.

Gaia’s Smart Feedback System takes user input and sends it to the cloud through the cellular network. A secure cloud application collects and analyses this feedback to produce statistics for each node on the network. This data can identify problems in real time and be used for incentive-based payment schemes based on user feedback. The system is designed around ST’s STM32 microcontroller technology that acts as the "brain" of the system and uses a range of other ST components for power management, battery charging, and data storage.