SiFive’s RISC-V cores available on 22FDX process

SiFive has joined Globalfoundries’ FDXcelerator Partner Program and will be making its E31 and E51 RISC-V cores available on the foundry’s 22FDX process technology.

“As the RISC-V ecosystem continues to grow, SiFive’s CPU IP is seeing increased adoption. Our partnership with Globalfoundries is going to enable an even larger pool of system designers to build on an industry-leading process platform,” said SiFive’s CEO Naveed Sherwani. “We are excited to continue extending RISC-V into new market segments."

Based on the open source RISC-V ISA, the E31 core is said to offer high performance within strict area and power requirements, while the E51 core offers 64bit performance at 32bit price, power and area.

“As members of the RISC-V Foundation,” said Gregg Bartlett, Globalfoundries’ senior vice president of CMOS business, “we are excited to see more RISC-V IP offerings made available on our processes. SiFive’s range of cores makes it an ideal partner for our FDXcelerator programme.”