Side mounting on PCBs

1 min read

Nano Dimension has announced what it describes as the world’s first side mounting technology for additively manufactured PCBs.

With Nano’s DragonFly Precision Additive Manufacturing System, the technology can print and solder components to the top, bottom and sides of the PCC. According to Nano, this results in as much as a 50 per cent increase in board space when compared with traditionally manufactured PCBs.

The extra space afforded through side mounting allows design engineers to pack more functionality on the circuit board, which is particularly relevant for IoT and Industry 4.0 where customised designs and shapes are a growing demand.

Another important enablement of side mounting is the ability to create a specialised PCB that plugs into a socket mounted on a mother board. By printing this board and inserting it into the cavity of a second board, users can rapidly customise applications based on a generic mother board.

Side mounting is ideal for applications such as modular antennas, creating non-standard packaging and innovative IoT applications. Future potential applications and benefits of Nano’s side mounting technology include printing a horizontal ground layer on the Z-axis, enabling the DragonFly Pro to produce higher performance antennas or multiple antennas with varying voltages within the board. This not only saves space but also creates limitless design possibilities, Nano adds.