Sharp Microelectronics unveils circular memory lcds

1 min read

Sharp has introduced a diameter memory lcd incorporating, for the first time, a circular active display of 12,868 pixels.

The LS010B7DH01 has a diameter of 1in with 128x128 pixels is designed to provide legibility in all light conditions through 14:1 contrast ratio of the high reflectivity lcd. The display area's 0.25% transmissive ratio enables the memory lcd to be fitted with a backlight, so screen content can be recognised in the dark. The circular shape enables the device to be used for wrist worn devices requiring extended runtimes. Additional applications include e-bike speedometers, medical telemon itoring devices and thermostats. According to Sharp, the LS010B7DH01 features low power consumption with 10µW for static images and, even with a regular display content refresh rate of 1 Hertz, it consumes only 45µW. Sharp says that power consumption is approximately only 1% of that of conventional transmissive TFT lcds of the same size and - even compared to conventional reflective displays - the it needs only 1/10th of the power.