Semtech has launched its Design Partner Program that aims to streamline the time-to-deployment for LoRa-based IoT solutions. It does this by connecting customers, system integrators and developers with experienced design services firms that understand LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology).

The Semtech Design Partner Program debuts with 7 design services firms participating: Gaussian Labs, GND Solutions, IMST, Occam Technology Group, ProAnt AB, Technosphere Labs, and Virscient. Collectively, the companies offer a range of experience, including product development, system architecture and NPI services. Customers will be able access this technical expertise by contacting the firm of their choice and contracting directly.

LoRa Technology is a platform for developers to build IoT solutions with long range, low power capabilities in either private or public networks.

Semtech Design Partners:

Gaussian Labs

Gaussian Labs provides turnkey product development, system architecture and NPI services. The company has a background in embedded RF and antenna design and solves challenges with custom, OTS and mixed architectures.

GND Solutions

GND Solutions primarily focus on bringing innovative and transformative concepts to products in the areas of IoT, M2M for Industrial, Smart Cities & Smart Energy segments. The solutions include end-to-end, node to Cloud analytics and visualisation.


IMST GmbH is a competence center and professional development house for high-frequency circuits, communications systems, and antennas, and offers its own products such as modules for the LoRaWAN protocol.

Occam Technology Group

Occam Technology Group’s team of engineers can develop any project into the LoRaWAN space, including converting your present gateway into a LoRaWAN-based gateway or developing custom LoRaWAN end points.

ProAnt AB

ProAnt is an antenna company designing and manufacturing antenna products for 169, 434, 868, and 915 MHz - ISM bands and GSM, BT, WLAN, GPS/GLONASS, LoRaWAN, and other protocols from150 MHz to 6 GHz.

Technosphere Labs

Technosphere Labs is an IoT centric engineering design and systems integration company. The enterprise builds smart digital products and industry specific IoT solutions with multiple sensors and embedded technologies. Focus areas are industrial IoT, smart city and connected sensor-based devices.


Virscient is a wireless and IoT expert, that specialise in hardware and software development for connectivity modules, subsystems, and platforms, and integration of wireless technology into a wide range of connected applications.

For more information about the Semtech Design Partners Program, visit here.