Secure development platform for connected cars

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Three companies – STMicroelectronics, ETAS and Escrypt, an ETAS subsidiary – are collaborating with the aim of delivering a platform comprising microcontrollers, software tools and security solutions that accelerates development of automotive control units for connected cars.

According to the partners, their goal is a cost-effective platform that allows sub-system developers to create ECUs with a high level of protection for privacy, IP, ECU functional integrity and secure communication.

ST will contribute its SPC58 automotive MCUs, which features hardware security modules, multiple CAN FD interfaces and Ethernet with time stamping. Escrypt’s expertise in secure ECU communication will provide firmware and middleware for ECU developers, while ETAS’ Autosar compliant RTA software products will support ECU code development.

“We are building on a proven record of successful collaborations with ST,” said Dr Nigel Tracey, leader of the ETAS Application Field RTA Solutions. “With our ECU development environment and the added dimension of advanced security from Escrypt, this platform will enable OEMs to maximise the value of the connected car concept and build confidence amongst partner organisations and end users.”