Scopes boost vertical resolution, improve small signal visibility

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Agilent Technologies has launched the Infiniium 9000 H-Series of high definition oscilloscopes. The range – which contains four models – offers bandwidths of 250MHz, 500MHz, 1GHz and 2GHz with vertical resolutions of up to 12bit.

This, it notes, is 16 times the quantisation level of traditional oscilloscopes with 8bit resolution. These scopes can also store up to 100Mpts per channel. Looking to overcome noise issues when studying small signals, Agilent has applied a combination of hypersampling and linear noise reduction techniques. It claims this allows signals to be resolved that an 8bit device could not measure. Probing systems will also introduce noise to the measured signal. Looking to address this, Agilent has introduced the N2820A and N2821A ac/dc current probes, offering a sensitivity of 50µA, while measuring currents of up to 5A. "Customers who work with power consumption measurements now have a comprehensive solution to make accurate current consumption measurements at an affordable cost," said Jay Alexander, general manager of Agilent's Oscilloscope Products Division. "The 9000 H-Series oscilloscope and N2820A and N2821A current probes combine low noise and high sensitivity to give engineers the high accuracy measurements they need for creating energy efficient products."