RS adds open source area to DesignSpark community

1 min read

Looking to inspire more collaboration amongst electronics design engineers, RS Components has added a new open source software area to its DesignSpark web community.

DesignShare will allow users to post project ideas, generate discussion and invite comment from the community. Users will find all of the available projects tagged with relevant keywords for easy navigation. The individual project pages include details of how the project developed at each stage, along with a collection of assets that will enable users to build the project themselves. Project assets may include pcb schematics and layout files for DesignSpark PCB, for example, along with mechanical blueprints, software code and/or machine code, mechanical drawings and CAD files. There is also a plug in to the RS website where users can purchase the kit of parts. David Tarrant, head of community development at RS, said: "We have developed the new DesignShare area to make it easier for engineers, students and hobbyists to collaborate on, share, and download projects and ideas. "This is very much part of the evolution of the online design resources we provide to support anyone involved or interested in electronics design, and is a great way for them to communicate openly on their projects, no matter whether they are designing for fun or in a professional environment."