Renesas Electronics has announced the start of a beta programme based on its Renesas Synergy Platform that provides heightened security capabilities to OEMs who build devices connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Synergy Platform Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) solution consists of Synergy Security Microcontrollers (MCUs) plus the associated Synergy Software and tools enabling OEMs to better protect their software IP from theft and cloning during manufacture, to inhibit counterfeit products, and to ensure authenticity when deploying secure remote firmware updates to end-products already in the field.

Due to rapidly evolving threats, the protection mechanisms for security attacks at the time of end-product shipment may become out-of-date, which means that end-products in customer’s hands should be updated with newer protection mechanisms over the product’s lifetime. OEMs are also concerned with competitors gaining unauthorised access to software and other IP that reside on the OEM’s devices.

The Synergy Platform DLM solution is said to include several components and features to protect connected IoT devices that are built upon the Synergy Platform. These components and features of the Synergy Platform DLM solution are said to allow OEMs to select from a range of contract manufacturers (CM) because the OEMs’ IP is protected during the entire distribution and flash memory programming process. OEMs ability to limit and monitor the number of Synergy MCU devices programmed at a CM site is designed to prevent product cloning and un-authorised over-production.

“OEMs face massive liability exposure when the integrity of their products is compromised. They also face loss of revenue, market share, and reputation when their products are cloned.” said Peter Carbone, vice president with the IoT Business Unit, Renesas Electronics America. “Maintaining an IoT device’s security is difficult as the technologies used to hack embedded systems continue to evolve, even long after a product has shipped. We are initiating the Synergy Platform DLM solution to help our customers keep their IP secure both now and during the device’s future use in the field.”

The Synergy Platform DLM solution will be offered in beta form in April 2016 as a technology demonstrator for their evaluation based on their needs for DLM infrastructure and released as a standard product in 2017.