Radiation tolerant FPGAs now available

Following their launch in 2015, Microsemi has now announced the availability of its RTG4 PROTO FPGAs. Developed specifically to enable lower cost prototyping of space systems and design validation, the FPGAs are said to be the only reprogrammable prototyping solution of their kind, providing the same timing and power characteristics as space flight units.

“Our RTG4 PROTO FPGAs continue Microsemi’s legacy of providing leading capabilities to the space industry, as the devices use the same silicon and packaging as flight model FPGAs, without completing flight model tests, reducing costs for our customers,” said Minh Nguyen, senior marketing manager, space and aviation.

The RTG4 devices enable hardware timing verification, as well as power evaluation. As the devices use the same reprogrammable flash technology as flight units, they can be reprogrammed multiple times without being removed from the development board. RTG4 FPGAs are electrically tested to ensure reliable performance over full military temperature ranges and are offered in non hermetic ceramic packages.

RTG4 FPGAs feature 151,824 LUT4 logic elements, 462 18 x18 mathblocks and eight radiation tolerant PLLs.