Qorvo unveils multi-time programmable PMIC

1 min read

Qorvo, a provider of RF solutions, has expanded its family of multi-time programmable power management ICs (PMICs).

The company has launched its first Constant-On-Time (COT) PMIC to feature 13 voltage rails and 25 amps of power across all outputs in a 3.8 x 3.8 mm package.

The product’s flexibility, small form factor and low quiescent current (LQC) are intended to address power, performance and size challenges in applications such as enterprise solid-state drives (SSDs), virtual reality headsets, security and action cameras, and AI processors.

The Qorvo ACT88760 PMIC accelerates time to market by enabling designers to change configurations multiple times without special software or firmware. This flexibility has been achieved with 13 integrated rails, a sequencer and 10 General Purpose IOs (GPIOs) that can be configured for different features.

This PMIC also includes seven DC/DC step down converters using integrated power FETs, and six low-dropout regulators (LDOs), all of which are highly configurable via the I2C interface. Manufacturers can debug designs and change settings in real time without changing external components.

David Briggs, senior director of Qorvo's Programmable Power Management business, said, “Qorvo continues to advance the level of flexibility available to designers. The ACT88760 PMIC delivers the greatest degree of programmability, power efficiency and capability in a simple, compact design. This empowers our customers to innovate enterprise and consumer electronics with greater functionality and extended battery life.”