Pressure sensors, top MEMS device by 2014

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Pressure sensors are set to become the leading MEMS device in revenue by 2014, according to a report by IHS iSuppli.

The analyst cites drivers such as the devices' relatively high prices and their increasing usage in automotive, medical and industrial applications. IHS states that pressure sensors reached second place in terms of MEMS devices last year, rising 26% from 2009 to reach $1.22billion – largely on the back of a strong recovery in the automotive market. The report forecasts growth of 6% by then end of this year, with revenue projected to reach $1.3billion. Double digit expansion is predicted for 2012. IHS analyst, Richard Dixon PhD, believes that, as a result of steady market expansion, pressure sensors will become the top MEMS device revenue earner in three years' time: "Depending on the level of compensation and calibration of the die as well as the type of packaging, the average price of MEMS pressure sensors ranges at present from several dollars to several tens of dollars for high value industrial and medical uses, up to hundreds of dollars for the most specialised applications such as aircraft hydraulics or air data measurements, including any combination of industrial use in harsh media, temperature and pressure." According to IHS, by 2015, revenue for MEMS pressure sensors will amount to $1.97bn, equivalent to a five year compound annual growth rate of 10% starting from 2010.