Pocket sized power

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Frontier Silicon’s module is at the heart of what is claimed to be the world’s smallest DAB radio.

Frontier Silicon has announced that its module is at the heart of a new DAB radio just launched by Goodmans and now available on the market. The new GHDAB101 is claimed to be the world’s smallest standalone DAB radio currently available. The pocket size DAB radio is based on Frontier Silicon's Vega FS4051 personal DAB/FM radio module, which is a miniature high performance DAB/FM-RDS radio pcb module that requires only keymat, case, battery and headphones to produce a complete end product. Products based on Vega require just two AAA size cells to provide over 10hours of DAB radio use or 15hours of FM. Christian Corney, buying director for Goodmans, said: “The UK has a strong market for DAB radio, so it was important for us to utilise the best-in-class technology to drive our own product strategy for the handheld sector. Frontier Silicon’s expertise in DAB audio combined with its ability to produce market leading technology for portable products at low cost made it the perfect choice for us.”