Plunify teams with Altera for fpga design in the cloud

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By using the computing power available in the cloud, fpga developers could speed the design process, while saving money in the process, according to Plunify.

The company's vice president, Harnhua Ng, said: "The rising complexity of fpgas and complex cplds can benefit from using the computing horsepower available through the cloud. This, along with Altera Quartus II, provides a powerful platform for designers." Plunify is making Altera's Quartus II software available as a cloud based solution for designing with Stratix, Cyclone and Arria devices through what it calls a 'new relationship with Altera'. Plunify's cloud computing platform is said to make running and analysing builds at scale much easier. Ng explained: "Whether you need 50 or 100 servers to solve the most pressing timing closure, regression testing and optimisation issues or just a few servers to finish up smaller tasks, Plunify for Quartus II provides a stress free alternative to meet the most demanding IT needs." Plunify also gives access to advanced analysis and verification tools as well as hardware on demand – on a pay for what you need, when you need it basis. In this way, Plunify claims it can generate savings of more than 50%.