Pico scopes now run Linux

1 min read

Pico Technology has added Linux support to its PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software.

The software platform allows users to convert their PC into an oscilloscope, FFT spectrum analyser and measuring device. On-device buffering ensures that the display is updated frequently and smoothly even on long time bases. Users can save captures for offline analysis, share them with other PicoScope for Windows and PicoScope for Linux users, or export them in text, CSV and Mathworks MATLAB 4 formats. The only additional hardware needed is a USB oscilloscope. PicoScope scopes are available with bandwidths up to 1GHz, up to four input channels, hardware vertical resolutions up to 16bits, sampling rates up to 5GS/s, buffer sizes up to 2GS and built-in signal generators. Other features include flexible hardware resolution, switchable bandwidth limiters, switchable high impedance and 50Ohm inputs, and differential inputs. The company says it is now working to bring Linux support to some of its older devices.