Partners extend process agreement

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IBM, Infineon and Freescale, along with Chartered Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics, have signed a series of semiconductor process development and manufacturing agreements which extend their cooperation to the 32nm cmos node.

According to the partners, their goals include: * low cost and minimum complexity, while retaining performance leadership * implementation of new materials, such as high K/metal gate, advanced stress engineering and extreme low K films in the back end of line. * immersion lithography to achieve competitive density and chip size * a focus on analogue models for the digital communications marketplace * providing a platform for derivative technologies, such as rf cmos and embedded dram. “IBM remains convinced that collaborative innovation in an open ecosystem of partners is the key to technology leadership, both now and in the years to come,” said Michael Cadigan, general manager, semiconductor solutions, IBM Global Engineering Solutions. “Today’s announcement validates that strategy by meeting client requirements for leadership technology.” IBM, Chartered and Samsung, as Common Platform technology manufacturers, will be able to use the jointly developed 32nm process technology and design kits to synchronise their manufacturing facilities. “Major new challenges are expected at the 32nm node, both in materials as well as device structures,” said KP Suh, executive vice president of Samsung’s asic/foundry business. “We expect to deliver breakthrough technology by working together with our partners, who bring a variety of expertise as leaders in the industry.”