New ways in conducting business

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Teliris launches touch-activated immersive collaboration tools for telepresence meetings.

Teliris has announced the launch of its Teliris InterACT Surface and Teliris InterACT Easel. Said to be the world’s first touch-activated immersive collaboration telepresence tools for business professionals, the InterACT TouchTable and TouchWall are multi-touch virtual surfaces that allow participants to share content during a telepresence meeting. Documents such as text, images, video and audio can be uploaded and shared with telepresence users across the world, as if they were physical documents. By using a unique gesture recognition, which allows users to interact naturally with intuitive motions, participants can use the two new multi-touch offerings to move a document around and pass it to other participants in other countries by pushing, dragging, or turning the document. Pages can be turned and the content can be zoomed in and out. “This is collaboration without boundaries and a complete departure from the current tools that exist,” commented former BBC News correspondent and now European chairman of Teliris, Martyn Lewis. “It’s a completely new approach to collaboration and sets the stage for how companies will continue to use telepresence to naturally and effectively meet across any distance.”