A narrowband radio providing reliable and secure data transmission over long distances has been launched by Cambium Networks. Aimed at Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, the radio – called cnReach – is said to allow operators to manage their IIoT network deployments effectively.

Bruce Collins, product manager, said: “The radio is aimed at such sectors as oil and gas, utilities and smart transportation. It’s an outdoor product, rather than for use in factories.”

The product, which supports licensed and unlicensed operation at 900MHz and 700MHz, is intended to help users transition from serial networks to all-IP networks. “It’s about connecting process control information,” Collins explained. “These users are risk averse, which means things like security and reliability are key factors.”

Users can deploy cnReach in point to point and point to multipoint configurations, as well as in a relay. “It all depends on the terrain,” Collins said. “It offers longer range: anything from hundreds of metres to maybe 100km.”

As most applications for the radio will involve control and monitoring, data rate is not critical. “That will vary from 100kbit/s to 4.5Mbit/s,” Collins said, “but the key is the ability to relay data over long distances.”

Although targeting the US at first, Cambium is planning follow on products operating at 100, 200 and 400MHz. “As these are added,” said Collins, “global opportunities will follow.”