Multimode power management unit

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A multimode power management unit from Texas Instruments is designed for use in applications which are dependent on efficient power management over a range of system load conditions.

The device, called the TPS65290, operates from an input ranging from 2.2 to 5V and incorporates a low quiescent current always on power supply, as well as a 500mA buck/boost converter and a 150mA low dropout regulator. The part also features eight power distribution switches. The always on supply has three factory selectable options: a 30mA buck converter with 300nA quiescent current; a 10mA LDO with a 400nA quiescent current; and 10mA zero IDDQ drop with 100nA quiescent current. The buck-boost converter uses PFM/PWM operation and has a forced PWM option for maximum overall efficiency. The switches support different configurations for the various loads supported by the TPS65290. For energy harvesting applications, says the company, a programmable input voltage monitor is integrated to allow for connection and disconnection of the different power blocks and switches without the intervention of the master processor. A factory selectable choice between spi and i2c interfaces is available and the bill of materials is said to be reduced by the device integrating resistive dividers, i2c pull up resistors, spi pull down resistors, boost/buck compensation; and an interrupt pull up resistor. The only external devices required are ceramic capacitors and power inductors.