Multicore RTOS upgraded

1 min read

Embedded developer Hipperos has upgraded its real time operating system with new features, including hardware acceleration, fast multicore IPC and mixed criticality scheduling. The new features – said to make the RTOS suitable for use in such applications as drone navigation, medical imaging and ADAS – are included in version 17.02, which is available immediately.

“Most currently available RTOSs in the market were not originally designed for multicores,” said Ben Rodriguez, the company’s CEO/CTO. “With the announcement of v17.02, we are introducing innovative features that will ensure it continues to fill the multicore performance gap.”

According to the company, its RTOS is a family of configurable, modular and parallel real-time operating systems designed specifically for multicore platforms for the next generation of reliable, low power, hard real-time, high performance embedded systems. HIPPEROS’ modularity and configurability enables different kernels to be tailored to satisfy specific application requirements, adapting to different use cases. Its low footprint hard real-time kernel enables the smooth co-ordination of a mix of software and hardware tasks without missing a single deadline.

Hipperos says a high video frame rate is key for many computer vision applications and RTOS hardware acceleration means tasks can be handled by an FPGA and video rates of 90frame/s achieved. Fast multicore IPC, meanwhile, enables tasks running on different processors to exchange data by message passing. Finally, mixed criticality scheduling allows high and low criticality tasks to run on the same board, with the RTOS taking care of priorities.